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You’re a hero and your purchases help save the people of the rainforest. Part of every purchase is donated to the tribes of the Amazon. They’re fighting for their next generation and shopping at myVivaOm helps.

During my short involvement with myVivaOM, I’ve quickly become more health conscious. I’m trying to eat a primarily plant-based diet now. After a meat meal, I feel a bit bogged down while plant-based I feel lighter and refreshed. 🤔 #EatHealthierLiveLonger

- Aaron (Sacremento, CA)

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Welcome Friends!

We are very grateful for you to shop with us! myVivaOm is your one-stop holistic shopping experience for everyone seeking a health conscious life. Bringing high quality green, plant-based, organic, and fair trade items into our lives has given us more energy, uplifted our moods, and we are mentally sharp with a clear conscience. We have so much gratitude for mother earth and a greater appreciation for our health now! myVivaOm carries thousands of organic, fair-trade, and non-GMO products that transport you to a healthier you. From organic snacks, nutritional supplements, vegan, plant-based, nontoxic beauty & skincare to household, pet, and baby items that meet the highest standards in the industry. We are blessed to have this opportunity to serve you, and assist you on your health journeys! Viva to health!


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Our Philosophy

At myVivaOm, we are fully committed toward facilitating the Green Shift in society. This involves shifting our way of thinking & acting with love in everything that we do.

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